A digital marketing engine
 We are a truly digital creative marketing service provider if you are looking for a agency who will look after your brand like their own you have come to the right place.

e are a team of creative, advertising, and digital marketing industry professionals and we are a competitively geared team. It drives us to grow and deliver greater and measurable results, outdoing our competition. We look at the world through the eyes of our clients and our clients competitors are our competitors. Creativity runs in our blood.

Working with ADME

Working on your digital success is more than just another project for us; it’s a whole new creative journey full of opportunities for us to do what we love and meanwhile deliver results.

Your goals are our goals.

Your end goal is always placed first, and we will do whatever it takes to fulfil it to perfection. It helps that we have a committed and experienced team, willing to go the extra mile for you.

Wanna be unique?

Breaking out of the traditional binds, we are a team compelled to giving you the most creative output, doing things differently and constantly finding new ways to market your brand.

our services
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing.
Want an uplifting social media presence for your brand? Lets work on it together.
Creative Design & 3D Development
Creative Design.
Could your brand benefit from creative design or 3D development? Lets conceptualize.
Product Development
Product Development
Do you want to put out a product that will capture the market? Let's brainstorm that.
Web Development
Web Development
Want an effective stunning website for your brand? Let's organize that.
Search Engine Optimization
Do you want your business to be easy to find on google? Let's start climbing the ranks.
Search Engine Marketing.
Want an immediate growth in website traffic? We can sort that out too.
Return of investment
“The return on investment from any marketing campaign is growth in customer base, reputation, and trust. But ADME gives you more than that. Digital marketing is a world with numbers and statistics for everything, and we use this to the full advantage of our client.
We mold our strategies on the fly, evolving them to be the most competitive in the existing situation. We also periodically come up with detailed progress reports, which can even be helpful to other departments of your organization.”
Communications on social media are highly interactive, so even customer relationships are open to being very friendly. We use this fully to place our clients in a place very close to their customers’ hearts.
Design perfection. The status symbol for any business

What does our work look like? Take a peek at previous artworks and creative writing from ADME, along with the responses to them. We take pride in our creative team’s ability to “form fit” content around the brand, to bring out its personality. Also make sure you don’t miss the viral posts!

Our core minds

Want to give us a try? let’s talk! Drop an email to our team on one of the emails below or give us a call.
Tell us what your brand is about, link us to your webpage, facebook page, or any other online presence, and we’ll get back to you with a proposal which will detail what we plan to do, including samples.

Managing Director
Creative Director
Director Operations
Our process

Once you request a proposal, we’ll analyze your business, come up with a strategy and several content samples, and deliver a proposal.
We believe that the secret to lasting growth is learning from the past, so our process is a closed loop. Once you accept, you will be entered into our “3D” process.

planning & strategy

Report client’s digital statistics for last month, or report analysis if the client is new. Accordingly, define goals and what the market expects.

design & develop

Come up with a strategy and plan, design creative content, get feedback from client, make changes and finalize one month in advance.

test & deliver

Post the content by the plan, while also looking out for viral posting opportunities and interesting current events to post about.

Be where the world is going
Let everybody look up at the pinnacle, and find you already there. Let A Digital Marketing Engine power your journey.